Natural aphrodisiacs: Ylang Ylang and Patchouli

Aromatherapy can play a powerful role in relationships—in fact, some essential oils are so good at inducing passionate feelings that they're believed to be aphrodisiacs. This Valentine's Day or for your next special anniversary, spice things up with one of these essential oils for love and romance.

Ylang Ylang and Patchouli essential oils are considered natural aphrodisiacs.
They have a calming effect, relieve the feeling of nervousness, irritability and anxiety, promoting a feeling of relaxation and harmony.
Their sensual scents stimulate the feeling of attraction and help improve sexual desire and intimacy.
love is a natural aphrodisiac


The exotic floral intoxicating aroma of ylang ylang has an extremely relaxing effect which makes it popular for romance. Calms anxiety, supports a positive mood and inspires romance and closeness while promoting relaxation from everyday stress. Ylang ylang flower petals were traditionally scattered on the newlyweds' beds.


The earthy, woody scent of Patchouli essential oil creates a relaxing atmosphere that promotes harmony. It offers balance and calmness of mind, body and spirit. * Patchouli oil opens the heart and enhances the senses. Due to its strong smell, it can be extremely sharp, but diluted in carrier oils or mixed with other essential oils allows its elegance to shine through and create a sweet space that will uplift and adore you.

Like a good wine or a good relationship, it is thought to improve with age.

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